We All Have A Story To Tell And Now You Have The Perfect Place To Tell It… So, What’s YOUR Story?

Even though you might be modest we’d bet that if you really look back over your life you have a pretty amazing story to tell.

With just one of the benefits of your membership at The Heritage Source.
You’ll receive your very own family heritage site where you can tell your story and of course all the stories for all of your family members, relatives and ancestors.

rsz_bullet_black-1 Your site will be fully customizable to fit your own personal style and depending on your level will have up to 20 premium themes to choose from!

rsz_bullet_black-1 On your site you’ll be able to house your family members biographies, photos, scanned historical documents and much more.

rsz_bullet_black-1 As a member you will have access to and be able to create your own groups and forums. On them, yourself and other heritage researchers can chat and share information, ideas and tips on the best ways to uncover your missing relatives.

You need a safe secure place to care for your story and The Heritage Source uses the latest most up to date technology to ensure just that.

The massive benefit is you don’t have to know a thing about how to code a website or handle the latest in security software. With your membership that’s all done for you so you’re free to tell your story and your family’s stories with comfort and ease.

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