Guarantee/Refund Policy

This document constitutes the entire Guarantee and or Refund Policy for The Heritage Source, The Heritage Source dot com (

Notice: subscription months are calculated from the first active day of the subscription through the 30th day of the subscription.

The Heritage Source does hereby guarantee all monthly subscriptions for the full term of the month for which they are paid. If a subscriber is in a subscription month that subscriber is entitled to a full unconditional 100% refund of any monies paid which cover that said month.

Once a subscription month has completed and the subscriber has benefited from it no refunds shall be issued for that month or any previous months.

The Heritage Source does hereby guarantee all annual subscriptions as follows. All annual subscriptions shall be prorated to the last completed subscription month of the subscribers membership. The subscriber shall be entitled to a full unconditional refund for the subscription month they are currently in but have not yet completed.

Refunds shall be issued in the like manor paid by the subscriber. All approved refunds shall be processed within 7 business days from the date of their approval. The approval process shall have a duration of no longer than 3 business days from the date the refund request confirmation email has been sent confirming receipt of the refund request at the companies principal business address or it’s refund email address.

Please remit all refund requests to:


The Heritage Source                                                                                                      28 Glenwood Road
Plainview, NY 11803

The above constitutes the entirety of the refund policy for The Heritage Source and or The Heritage Source dot com (



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