My name Is Stefa and my family is from Krakow which is a nice city full of architecture and a nice town square to meet with the friends to start our adventures.

With just over 750,000 people it’s not too small but not so big that crime is everywhere yet.
We were normal people my grandfather worked for Sendzimir Steelworks until he retired and my father did just like him too until we came to America.

My family survived all the wars and famines, but in the end it is just so hard to make enough there, so now we are here.

I have more family that came over from Lodz that I’m researching to see if I can find them. It would be nice for everyone, especially my mother to have some family here.

Well, that’s my story how about yours?

Also, let’s list all of the resources that we can find to search with here too. We can really help each other in this.

Thank you, Stefa