Hi to everyone from the Kormos family.

My husband and I are from Athens and our son Scott was born here in America.

We are happy to be here and share with you our story and be of any help we can.

We came to America like many I suppose, to escape the economic hardship that has gripped our mother country. Here we have opportunity and hope. I’m so thankful that Scott was born here so that he will fit in. Because life here sure is different isn’t it, wow. But for the most part it’s so much better.

We have family here in America that we are attempting to find. We are Told they are cousins on my husbands side. We are anxious to find them and see if we can meet. We have heard that some of them may have moved to Canada as well.

Finding resources for Canada is tough. So when I was able to find the one I’m going to share I was super happy. Her it is: http://www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca/textual/governmt/vstats/v_events.htm

It’s a big resource for Canada. So, if you have any relatives up there this should help.

Thanks everyone from the Kormos’s