Hello, I am Naomi Morisette originally from Paris. I was drawn to the amazing weather of Florida and of course the sunny beaches are not to hard to get used to as well.

I travelled to several countries and there is good and bad everywhere, but for me the USA was the best with it’s amazing diversity. I feel like I can travel to each state like a new country with all they have to offer.

So, I’m finding my family that has been here in some cases for decades before me. Some of them kept in touch with our family In France but many did not and so those are the ones I’m looking for.

Our life in France was quite normal. My father owned a small artisan bakery until he retired and sold it. We live a normal simple life just as most do I suppose.

I have a resource to share.
Go here: http://www.archives.gov/research/immigration/passenger-arrival.html#film

This is the place where they store all of the microfilm for all of the ports before computers. It’s wonderful because you can find all the old immigration records.

Most of the records in the old days were hand written, so some can be tough to read. But, luckily they allow you to enlarge them to see better (on most anyway, some I could not).

Let’s all share here and have a great thread.