Hi, I am Aya. I am from Keukenhof and have come to America to retire where it is warm but safe too. Yes, we too have Carabean islands but I’m not for that so much. I like a bigger country than that, plus the expenses.

My family were all in the flower farming business and we have retired from that my Daan and I.

I want to be sure to leave all of my memories behind for my family and many of the stories would die with me if I never told them. So, that is why this site is the perfect one for me.
There are many stories and relatives that only I know. There is no one else who knows of these things.

I want that everyone put’s down their best ways to find the relatives that you have found.
Here is mine: http://data.genealogytoday.com/contents/School_Records_and_Yearbooks.html

It is a huge list of shools and their attendance records. Everyone goes to school so it’s the best way to find people. Schools have great records keeping because the Government oversee’s them and makes sure of it.

I am thinking of all the things we will learn together, Aya.