Hi, I am Radka. I love being here in the USA. I do miss some things, but not too many now with more time. Because of my name I think it’s very funny here. People really like my name and will say Raaaadka and make the horns sign with their fingers on both hands. Here in America Rad means cool and the most far out. It’s funny.

I am originally from Sofia, but like all people, we must eat so I am here. I wish to make the site to save all of my family stories and pictures. I like it that I can take photos of Heirlooms and put them here so they can be seen by all.

I hope to meet everyone and we can chat about what are the best ways to find the ancestors.
I have found a way and this is it: http://www.worldgenweb.org

It is a world wide genealogy web on a site. It can come up with the good information of nothing. But it has been good so far for me.

Good day, Radka Iliev