Hello everyone. My family and I are from Yerevan or actually a small place outside of it called Nor-Nork. My father was from Hrazdan and came over during a small conflict. He stayed for the life of the city and met my mother.

Our lives in Yerevan were normal. My father worked at the chemical fabric there and he died very quickly after retirement.

We had several family members who had already come to America before me and those are the ones I’m looking for. I want to make the site big and have everyone not just only the easy ones to find.

I have a good resource to share, or I think it’s good anyway. Here you go: http://www.interment.net

It is a world wide cemetery records website. You can find records here that won’t come up in many places. In the old days documents were subject to fire, headstones not so much.

I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have.

My wish is that we all find everything we are looking for.

Syuzi Hovnanian