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What Is The Hertitage Source?

The Heritage Source (THS) is the place online where you can not only discover your true heritage, but preserve it, display it and have any family members you choose easily contribute to your worthwhile project.

You’ll be able to launch your very own family heritage website with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Immediately you’ll begin discovering your heritage, connecting with your loved ones in a joint effort and telling your story.

Within your site, you’ll be able to upload and display both yours and your entire family’s stories, history, images and videos which will serve as the living memory of your amazing heritage.

Who Is The Heritage Source?

The heritage source founded by Joshua Cohen started as the dream of having a place to discover, archive for safety and share his family’s incredible journey through time that would cumulatively be known as his heritage.

Needing to fulfill his desire to uncover where his family came from and discover the roots that made him who he is today Joshua searched for a solution. After months of research, he determined that since there was no place that would satisfy all of his needs he would have to build it himself.

Being deeply passionate within the subject Joshua decided that he should not just build a place to avail only his needs. But instead, one where all the other people who love their families and wish to discover and preserve their heritage would have the best place to do so as well.

Why Use Us?

In a word; value!

You can get an amazing site set up in just a minute or two for next to nothing. Yes, sure, we have a free option that you can select as well.

However, even your smallest paid option represents so much value that it’s nearly unbelievable.

Normally to set up a site, you’d have to go get hosting at $107.40 (average) per year. Then you’d need a domain name $15 average per year. Then a theme which will range from $35 to $150. Then you need to hire a tech to set up your forum and groups that we give you (included). And on top of that you’d need about $400 in plugins and accessories to make it all work.

You can get all that with us for a price that will literally blow you away.
Click Here to register now!

How Do I Register?

Congratulations on getting started today.

You can register by clicking this link Register Now or by clicking the Register button in the navigation bar at the top.

Once you do, you’ll be presented with a very easy to follow screen that will take you through the quick and easy registration process.

You, then be able to choose your level and what site theme you would like to make your own.

Again, congratulations and have fun with your new site.


How Do I Lauch My Site?

Below you will find a link to a PDF that you can open or download which will give you your full set of instructions on how to set up your website.

You’ll find it’s laid out step by step and is quite easy and simple.

You’ll have your site up in no time at all.

Here’s your instructions: How To Launch My Site


Why Should I Upgrade To The Paid Levels?

The reason the only way to go is to upgrade to the paid levels is VALUE!

Yes, sure, we have a free level and you are more than welcome to use it.

However, taking care of your family heritage, history, photos, videos and all those amazing stories that made you who you are today is a priority.
And as such, It requires a proper home you might say. Your site will be your family’s heritage home.

You’ll have many relatives come to your site and you’ll want to be proud and have them to know you’ve done a good job.

You just can’t beat the value.
If you were to go build a website on your own the costs can be rather large.

As examples:
You would need Hosting, that will cost you $107.40 (average) per year.

You need a Domain Name, that will cost you $15 per year

You Need a Theme, that will cost you $35 to $150

You’ll need various Plugins and Accessories to run your forum and groups that we give you. Typical costs up front will run you about $400

You’ll have to buy a security plugin to stop HCaccess hacks and Brute Force login attacks at a minimum. Costs can run $30 to $197 depending on which product you end up getting.
There are other expenses of course, and you’ll have to do all the maintenance yourself, but the above are just your basics.

You can spend all that and more, or with us you can spend just $5 per month.

Yes, just $5 per month and we take care of all of that fort you.

That’s why everybody upgrades to at least the lowest paid site level.

Where Is My Information Stored?

All the items you place on your site are stored on a hosting Data Base that is backed up weekly.

Your information is on your database that you automatically create when you launch your site.

Then, an additional weekly backup is taken that resides off site. This means, the restore copy of your site is not at the same facility as your website for that extra level of security to put you at ease.


What Kind Of Media Can I Put On My Site?

The short answer is any media that can be embedded on a website.

Photos: upload them to your media center with the tab right on your dashboard then you may display them nearly anywhere on your site.

Video: The best way is to upload it to YouTube and if you’d like it to be private just check the box on You Tube that keeps it private as you upload the video onto YouTube itself.

Then get the embed code and embed it on your site as you please.

PDF’s: Upload them to your media center just as you would a photo, then just copy the location link and paste it on your site as you wish.


Can I Share My Heritage With Others?

Yes, absolutely.

All you need to do is copy the browser bar link to your site once it looks good to you and send it to them via your favorite system such as email.

You may also post each of your site posts or videos to Facebook, Twitter and any of your favorite social media outlets. You can post your images to Pinterest if you have an account there as well.

It’s your site, please feel free to share it.

Can I Link With Other Heritage Sites?

Yes, absolutely you can.

When you join The Heritage Source you become part of a community. You will meet many with similar interests on the forums and groups. You’ll naturally want to link with them to share information.

Your family members will likely join you on your site. However, if they choose to have their own site you may link the two together as well.

Do You Have Instructions On How To Do Everything?

Yes, absolutely. Once you are registered, you’ll see a link to videos on your dashboard. And above your dashboard you’ll find the link to your instructions center.

Yes, you’ll have all the help and guidance you could ever possibly need right at your fingertips.


Does THS Have A Family Tree Component?

Most of the family tree components don’t allow you to tell the story of who your cherished family members and relatives really were.

It’s so important that your family now and future generations really know not just a list of names, but the stories that made your family great.

So, here at The Heritage Source we provide you not only with the ability to finally allow each family member, including yourself have their own full never ending (if you need it that long) web page.

You’ll at last have all the room you need to tell not just snippets or only have room for summaries, but to tell their whole stories without having to worry about character counts.

It’s time to go beyond all that and move up to the level where you can truly do your heritage and your family the justice they deserve.


What Is Your Guarantee And Or Refund Policy

You’re fully, unconditionally guaranteed for a full 30 days!

If for any reason you’re dissatisfied you may request a full refund of any purchases within the last 30 days, no questions asked.

You are fully protected and all this risk is on us. So go for it and build your own family heritage site today.


What Is The Lorem Ipsum Text I See When I Open My Site For The 1st Time?

When you first launch your site you‘ll see one or 2 sample posts that will give you an example of what a post will look like on your site.

This is simply place holder text. Please delete the entire post by selecting the “Move To Trash” text button in red next to your edit button.
Then, go to trash and empty your trash by selecting “Delete Permanently”.

Note: your “Edit” button will be your publish button when you author a new post. It changes to an edit button as soon as you have published once.


How To Start a group Or a Forum

This will guide you through the easy process of how to start a group and add a forum to it. You must start the group and add a forum as forums are only attached to groups.

1. While on the home page of The Heritage Source at: http://theheritagesource.com click on Groups in the navigation bar at the top.

2. You will see a small red button next to group directory that says “Create A Group”.
Click that and follow the super easy on screen instructions.

3. About 1/2 way through the process you’ll see a check box asking if you would like a forum attached to this group. If you would like one then check that box.
Continue the set up process which only takes 2 minutes or so start to finish and in no time you’ll have a group and a forum if you choose.

4. Be sure to look through all of the groups and forums before creating one. If there is something similar to your needs please participate in that group and forum before setting up one that might be a duplicate.

As everyone knows; no groups or forums will be allowed with any hate, warez, foul language or illegal discussions. We know you know that and thank you for your cooperation.


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